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Red Crayon Academy

Leave Your Troubles at The Front Gate

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ALL fandom au role play.

~Welcome to the Academy!~

Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.
--Charles Chaplin.

Welcome all lost and not so lost souls
! You are always welcome here at the Red Crayon Academy.
We are a high class private academy.
Our halls are extravegantly decorated.
Our dorms are warm and comfortable.
Our dining hall serves only the utmost delicious cuisine.
Please join us for many years to come.

Do not fret, we invite all students to join us. Upperclass and lowerclass. Aristocrats and beggars.
This academy is an establishment based upon unprejudiced thoughts.
Forget your pasts as you join us in a new life. We offer opportunities you absolutely mustn't pass up.

So say Kazama Pajama to your nightmares and let your troubles melt away in the candy sky.!

Please read the Rules Page before you apply!!!

Under new managment and under going a new -fresh- start.

Red Crayon Staff;

Niz- [info]geaux_drualt (main mod)

Nati- [info]amethyst_nat  (Chibi mod)


Looking for more help if your interested, message Niz!
Opening after first 10 applications!

Enter the gates...

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