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You may only reserve TWO characters at a time. Your reserve will last a week, if you cannot complete your app and register it within that time you may have the extension of 3 days, after that if you have not applied yet the character will go back on the market. You may STILL apply for the character, but someone may beat you to it. You may not re-reserve the same character for a week if you have failed to apply in time. The mods don't bite, if you need a little more time then usual, please contact Chibi-mod, Nati. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please use the following in reserving.
Mun name:
Character name:
Mun contact(Aim or Lj): Date:
DC Comics -
Mun name: GW
Character name: Powerboy/Arthur
Fandom: DC Comics
Mun contact - Aim: Gorram Wolf
Date: 01/21/11

Character name: Belarus
Fandom: Axis powers hetalia
Mun contact(Aim or Lj): BekahLouXxX
Date expiration: 1.24.11

Mun name: Drake
Character name: Raven (PB Jake Gyllenhaal)
Fandom: Original character
Mun contact(Aim or Lj): Drakecothedragon
Date expireation: 01.24.11

Mun name: Becca
Character name: Lena
Fandom: OC
Mun contact(Aim or Lj): BekahLouXxX (Aim)
Date expiration: 1.24.11
RCA notifs


The main plot of RCA is ever changing.


What you need to know is, Rca is first and foremost a Japanese school!

Though RCA is no normal school....strange things happen here. Maybe you wake up as a girl? or a puppy? thats ok, it happens all the time here! you'll change back soon enough!


Every week RCA will have 2 new events, a Meme, and an occasional poll! So never worry, things don't get dull around here!


More explanation to come soon!


Dance class

 Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm changing dance class times to 3 pm wednesdays, nobody seems to be to interested in it lately, so once a week will do fine I hope.


and back to the basics again, if anyone wants to join, just tell me your name, age, school year, and type of dance your interested in! 
Well I was thinking...

RCA-A Welcome Back of Sorts [Public Post]

Happy new school year, everyone! I hope everyone had a good summer. It was certainly an interesting one at that.

Well, I'll start off with saying congratulations to everyone that moved up or graduated this year. It's quite an accomplishment, graduating. It'll be my turn next time around... scary!

For those that didn't... there's always next year? And if anyone needs help with a subject, I'll be more than happy to help you with it. Especially history.

And it's also the start of a new month, so that should be fairly exciting. Is so totally not mentioning that his 18th birthday is tomorrow. Totally not.

Well, that's about all I have to say, so good luck in the new year, and I'll see you around campus.

(action post)

 (a mysterious figure...dressed in all blue, can be seen sneaking into Miku Hatsunes room with a big...dress bag??? thats what it looks like, so it should have a dress in it...yeah...

he sneaks in, puts the bag on the bed and bolts.)

"Take them DOWN~"

Good day Students~

I'd like to welcome your new history teacher... ME.

That's right, as of today I'll be teaching you everything you need to know about the Great british Empire and its foundings, amongst other things.

I'll be sorting out my class rotor this week, so my first lesson will take place the week after this, and I do hope you'll all attend...

Especially YOU Francis- you definitely need a few lessons when it come to great British history and how we're better than you~